To become world’s top manufacturer of high end eco based technology filters.


Together with optimal use of resources, providing the world with high quality and efficient filters to ensure best performance and engine protection and preservation of our environment.


Hawk Soon Hin Ind Sdn Bhd(HSH), established in year 1976, is one of the pioneers in manufacturing automotive filters in Malaysia. With more than 38 years of experience and continuous improvement, HSH has today grown into a comprehensive and advance high technology manufacturer with excellent sales force of filtration products. Equipped with an annual production capacity of 10 million pieces of filters and 2000 products, HSH has the ability to produce a variety of filters for wide range of applications, such as automotive light commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, truck and buses. HSH strongly believes that quality is the main core of an enterprise. Hence, with the product quality being the main concern, priority is given to advance test facility and systematic quality control in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the consistency of product quality. Over the years, the combination of high production capacity and outstanding sales force, HSH has established sales network in more than 40 countries. Meanwhile, in the domestic market, HSH is well known as a ‘’one-stop’’ center with extensive range of product items, impressive service and quality assurance.